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Celeb A Razzi Jazz Star Freddie Hubbard Dies Madonna Is No 1

His Sticky tour pulled in more than $ 105 million. The Eagles take third place, selling $ 73 million in tickets, while the fourth was Kenny Chesney with $ 72 million. Worldwide, the tour grossed more than $ 280 million, making it the highest grossing tour ever by a soloist. Madge, 50, canceled the solo record that has set in 2006 for his Confession tour, which has $ 195 million. In any case, following Madonna in Pollstar list is Celine Dion, who sold $ 94 million in tickets with his Taking Chance tour. Madonna topped Pollstar list of the best concerts in North America draws. With such numbers, probably not Madonna t Flinch when shelled between $ 76 and $ 92 million million for Guy Ritchie as part of their divorce agreement.
5.1.09 10:18

Lindsay Lohan

He hung out with his younger brother and some friends Michael while soaking in Florida Sunday. Lindsay Lohan enjoyed a relaxing pre New Year Eve bash morning in Miami Beach today. Lindsay Not to have his usual bikini Sidekick Samantha this time with her, but Miss Ronson, it may take some more in R R, prior to party all night. All year round celebrities find excuses for their bikini it up, but this seems like the best way to gear up for a big night.
5.1.09 10:18

Mary Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate recently celebrated the recession but it seems that Friday night was another reason to get a little wild with her friends.. Mary-Kate Olsen had some requests for DJ enjoying a semi-sloppy night with some friends at Teddy on Friday. The mini had blond hair back into a messy bun and let her pink bra peek out of his shirt while watching what they enjoyed a few cocktails.
5.1.09 10:18

Lil Wayne Ishuge In 2008

Billboard says this is the first time the year sold more than 3 million copies since Nielsen began compiling its list 91. Nobody can call shortly after Lil Wayne: music hip-hop star Tha Carter III was 2008 best-selling album, 2.88 million units on the move, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Coldplay, came in second with Viva La Vida or Death and all his friends, 2.15 million copies sold, while Taylor Swift Fearless was No. 3 with 2.11 million..
5.1.09 10:18

Lindsay Lohan Michael Lohan Quot Threat To Ronson

The Mean Girls star has to his MySpace blog at the beginning of this week (begs22Dec08) share the his shock at discovering Michael was a Lovechild father during his marriage to the mother. LINDSAY LOHAN MICHAEL dad has threatened to unleash a lot of evidence in an attempt to demonstrate SAMANTHA RONSON is a bad influence on his famous daughter. She wrote: I Have Gone Through A Lot In My Past And To Be Completely Honest I Am Still Going Through A Lot Right Now My Father Just Let My Family And I Know That He Had Another Child After My Little Sister Aliana Or Maybe He Had It Before Aliana.
5.1.09 10:18


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